Cult group warned for denying education to children

Aizawl, India - Mizoram Child Welfare Committee (CWC) today warned a cult group here for refusing to send their children to school.

Acting on a complaint by the Human Rights and Law Network, the CWC asked Lalruali, a cult leader here, to send the children of the group to school within a month, failing which action would be taken against her.

At least 14 children of Melriat village, about 8 km from here, have been prohibited from attending school and were engaged as workers.

Enrolling for any government programme or being members of NGOs or churches were against the belief of the cult.

CWC chairperson Lalengrulai said, ''We visited Lalruali at her Melriat residence and told her that prohibiting children from attending school is violation of their Fundamental Rights. We warned her of action if she fails to send the children to school within one month.'' ''Our committee has the authority to even take away children from their parents if we are convinced that it would be better for them,'' Lalengruali said.

It was also reported that another cult, who called themselves 'Zero', in New Ralvawng village in Lunglei district prohibited their children from attending schools and abstained from enrolling for any government programmes as, according to them, it would tantamount to being marked by the Devil as mentioned in the book of Revelation in the New Testament.