Moscow Duma deputies to impose a ban on the use of religious attributes by healers

Moscow, Russia - It is believed in the Moscow Duma that healers should be prohibited from using religious attributes.

‘This use has roused censure among various confessions. It has also contributed to the rise of occultism among the population’, Lyudmila Stebenkova, chair of the Moscow Duma committee for healthcare and protection of public health, said to Interfax on Thursday.

At present, deputies are drafting amendments to the federal law on healthcare, making it compulsory for healers for have higher or secondary medical education.

‘Many of the so-called healers have opened all kinds of magic shops. They extort money from people without giving real aid and make them leave their illnesses untreated’, she said.

She also proposes to establish responsibility for violation of the new demands made of healers and to make amendments to the law on advertising forbidding reels advertising unscrupulous healers.