Falun Dafa protest decision reversed

Wellington, New Zealand - Followers of the Chinese spiritual movement, Falun Dafa, have been told they are allowed to protest outside of China's Embassy in Wellington.

Last week, three members of the movement were told by the Diplomatic Protection Squad and the Wellington City Council they were not allowed to demonstrate because they did not have a permit.

Falun Dafa practitioners say they have made small, silent protests outside the embassy for more than six years.

A spokesperson for the movement, Eric Robinson, says they are protesting against China's banning of Falun Dafa and what he says are the killings of innocent members of the spiritual group.

He says being told they could not express their views in what he calls a quiet and harmless way was shocking.

Mr Robinson says since writing to the council, the group has been told it can protest outside the embassy because it is not breaking any by-laws.

A spokesperson for the Chinese Embassy maintains the group is protesting illegally as it does not have a permit.