Embassy of God leader hopes experience of the sect will help ‘Orange revolution’ in Russia

Moscow, Russia - Alexander Dzjuba who set up the first community of The Embassy of God in Moscow hopes that the experience of his sect’s participation in the ‘Orange revolution’ in Ukraine will help accomplish the same in Russia.

‘I hope that Russian society will openly state its civil position in the immediate future. The Church cannot stand aside and will defend the rights of citizens to free elections and democratic development,’ Dzjuba said in an article published in Russian Review on the site of Keston College in Oxford, Great Britain.

He also said that ‘time will come when the experience of The Embassy of God will help accomplish an ‘Orange revolution’ in Russia.’

Pastor Dzjuba plans to register an association of the churches of The Embassy of God with himself as its head within the framework of the Russian Union of Christians of Faith Evangelistic’ chaired by bishop Sergei Ryakhovsky, Bulgarian Russia dnes paper wrote. Dzjuba is described as ‘organizer and leader of a new missionary fellowship in Russia.’

The Embassy of God has become the most influential movement in political sphere. Its missionaries have begun to set up their communities in Russia since 2000. The strategy of promoting the biggest Pentecostal church in Ukraine is an example for many Russian priests to follow’, the edition reads.

The head of the sectarian Russian cell Dzjuba said that The Embassy of God has achieved a certain success in Russia, and the Moscow church wins round businessmen’. He expressed his hope that ‘our candidates will soon run for various governmental bodies’.

The Ukrainian Orthodox church press service reported earlier that the sectarian rehabilitation center promised to cure of bad habits and heal AIDS and cancer patients.

A person should bring a money offering to God for the center’s services.