Orthodox Pope Visits Uganda

Kampala, Uganda - THE African Orthodox Church pope, Theodoros II, yesterday jetted into the country aboard Kenya Airways on his first pastoral visit to Uganda since he took office.

Based in Alexandria, Egypt, Theodoros last year succeeded the late Patriarch Petros II, who died in a plane crash in Athos Mountains, Greece in September 2004.

Theodoros prayed for peace in Uganda and vowed to team up with the Ugandan Orthodox church leader, Jonah Lwanga, to cement peace among Ugandans."I am here to share the love of Jesus Christ with you and encourage you to share his love among yourselves," said Theodoros, whose gray hair and long kempt white beard were outstanding.

Clad in a black, red and golden-hairy robe, Theodoros led prayers and gave his speech in Greek, which Lwanga later translated into Luganda.