Annette Lu rapt as Moonies icon preaches about peace

Taipei, Taiwan - Moon Sun-myung, founder of South Korea's Unification Church, was in Taiwan on Wednesday to launch a global peace campaign and promote the formation of "ideal families."

Speaking to a packed audience on the 78th stop of his world speaking tour, the 86-year-old Moon announced his campaign to help the UN maintain world peace.

He suggested linking the Bering Strait with a bridge or an undersea tunnel to narrow the gap between Asia and Europe and thus bring about a unified world.

Moon declared that "spirits" have arrived on Earth to watch human beings' every move.

"Those who stray away from the heavenly way will be punished," he said.

Some 3,000 people, including Vice President Annette Lu (§f¨q½¬), US President George W. Bush's younger brother Neil Bush and Washington Times president Joo Dong Moon, listened to Reverend Moon's speech at the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall in Taipei.

Lu spoke in praise of Moon's effort to promote world harmony and "ideal families."

Moon arrived in his private jet from Hong Kong on Wednesday.

He was planning to leave for the Philippines yesterday on the next stage of his tour.