Kenyan cult leader, facing child-trafficking charges, claims a Catholic conspiracy

Nairobi, Kenya - A bizarre story involving the alleged sale of newborn babies has re-surfaced in Kenya, with the arrest of a woman who claimed to have miraculously given birth to a baby boy.

Gilbert Deya, a Kenyan preacher now living in England who styles himself as an "archbishop," has long claimed that barren women will conceive children when he prays over them. These claims have met stiff resistance from authorities in Kenya, who believe that Deya is somehow obtaining children from their natural parents, and selling them abroad under the guise of miraculous pregnancies.

On September 10 the preacher's wife, May Deya, drove to a Nairobi hospital with a newborn infant, claiming that she had delivered the child miraculously on her way to the hospital. After examining the baby, doctors determined that Mary Deya, who is 58 years old, could not be the mother. They then called police, who took Mrs. Deya into custody.

This was the Deyas' second direct clash with Kenyan law-enforcement authorities. In 2004, police discovered 21 babies at a home run by the Deya couple. While the Deyas claimed that the babies were miraculously given to them by God, 40 parents came forward to claim the children, saying that their babies had been stolen.

Gilbert Deya, who to date has escaped arrest on child-trafficking charges, claims that he now lives in England because he was forced out of his native Kenya by a Catholic conspiracy, led by Archbishop Raphael Ndingi Mwana'a Nzeki of Nairobi. "I was chased by men with guns," he insists.