Belgium bans turban in schools

Amritsar, India - After imposition of a ban by France on wearing turbans in schools, Belgium too has followed suit and banned the religious symbols of the Sikhs in their educational institutes.

Agitated Belgium Sikhs of the Guru Nanak Sikh Society told The Tribune that while France enacted a law, imposing ban on religious symbols in schools, the Belgium schools had also imposed the ban.

They stated that a very few schools allowed Sikh children to support turban in Belgium. “The favourable situation of allowing religious symbols in a few schools there would not sustain for long,” they apprehended.

In an appeal to the SGPC and all Sikh organisations, Belgium Sikhs stated that the issue was not only theirs but was of serious concern to all Sikhs . They urged the Sikh organisations to immediately take notice so that Sikhs there would not suffer the insult.