Catholic Church gears up for Bollywood debut

New Delhi, India - Treading uncharted territory, the Social Service Wing of the Delhi Catholic Church is producing a full-fledged Hindi feature film, with all the ingredients of a typical Bollywood blockbuster.

'Aisa Kyun Hota Hain', slated to hit theatres in October 2005, is possibly the first feature film produced by the Church worldwide.

"As far as I know, this is the first film produced by the Church anywhere in the world," Fr Dominic Emmanuel, spokesman of the Delhi Catholic Archdiocese (DCA) told PTI here.

The film is being produced by Chetanalaya, the social service wing of the DCA, with the active support of city Archbishop Rev Vincent Concessao.

Starring Aryan Vaid and Rati Agnihotri in pivotal roles, the film explores relationships at three levels - that of mother and son, husband and wife and friendship.

"In the film, Rati plays a single mother who brings up son Aryan after her husband abandons her. It also explores Aryan's life in college," says Emmanuel.

Those looking for comic relief need not be disappointed - comedy king Johnny Lever is doing a cameo as a Sikh basketball coach. DCA did try to rope in superstar Shahrukh Khan but it didn't work out.

With a budget of just Rs 1.3 crore and lacking saleable names, the film may find it difficult to compete with big- budget multi-starrers, but Emmanuel is keeping his fingers crossed.