UK Police Release Deya

London, England - The embattled clergyman at the centre of the 'miracle babies' saga, Archbishop Gilbert Deya, was yesterday released from police bail.

A spokeswoman for New Scotland Yard told The Standard in London that Deya was released from police bail pending further enquiries in ongoing investigations.

Deya, 53, has been on police bail following his arrest in London on February 16, on suspicion of illegal human trafficking. The development means the preacher is now free and will continue to enjoy his rights in the UK.

"I can confirm that Metropolitan police has released Gilbert Deya from his police bail pending further investigations. But we reserve the right to question him anytime on allegations of human trafficking between Kenya and UK," said the spokeswoman.

Police said they would continue working with UK immigration service, International police and Kenya police.

Police sources confirmed that Deya went to Lambeth police station yesterday, from where he was released.

Deya is at the centre of an international police investigation into claims that he and others stole babies from Nairobi's shanty slums and sold them to infertile women in the UK, who were convinced they had conceived through the power of prayer.

Deya, head of UK-based Gilbert Deya Ministries with an estimated 36,000 followers, is fighting extradition to Kenya, where he is wanted on child trafficking charges.