Scientology: 'Respect the religious beliefs of others.'

Colombo, Sri Lanka - Scientology did not come to Sri Lanka-or anywhere else-to change anyone's religion, declares Jon E. von Gunten Director, Scientology Parishioners League, while purporting to refute a news item that appeared in the Asian Tribune.

In his email letter written with the intention of clarifying the position of Scientologists, he further states:” Scientology is a group of discoveries about the human mind and spirit that people of any religion can use to increase their abilities to deal calmly with situations that previously upset them, to accomplish more in their day, and to peacefully communicate ideas to others.

Jon E. von Gunten in his e-mail letter to Asian Tribune refuting the news story “Scientology: Cult of greed in divine garb” pointed out that they do not change no man’s religion and this is their prime policy written by its founder L.Ron Hubbardd.

He further adds another directive is to “Respect the religious beliefs of others.”