Plymouth woman: I admit hate crime

Plymouth, USA - An unemployed Plymouth woman admitted to police that she fiercely and repeatedly punched a 14-year-old girl in the face as she walked down the street with her family because the girl is a member of a religious sect.

``I sometimes do things I can't control,'' Erin Monaghan, 25, told police Monday after the beating, according to court documents.

The Brockton-born Monaghan, who police said was found with marijuana and a pipe, was charged with a hate crime and assault and battery after she allegedly punched Aremah Delabreure of the 12 Tribesmen sect in the face five times, saying, ``You are all a disgrace to God.''

Delabreure was walking with her mother and sister when Monaghan rode by them. Monaghan allegedly turned around, got out of her car, and started to pummel the girl.

``I thought she was going to ask for directions, but she came up in my face and said, `Where do you all live?' Delabreure wrote in an affidavit. `` `I said, `Up the road.' She came closer and I started backing up. Then she said, `You know you are all a disgrace to God,' and I said, `Really.' Then, all of a sudden, she started punching me with both fists.''

A religious leader said his group was saddened by the violent incident.

``A situation like this reveals in a greater way a breakdown in humanity and makes me grateful that I live with people I trust - for that we are persecuted,'' Kevin Gadsby said.