Murdered Woman Made Claims Of Abuse, Mind Control In Church

Ashtabula County, USA - An Ashtabula County woman made claims alleging misconduct in a local church just weeks before she was murdered.

In an affidavit, Carolyn Clark (pictured, left), a member of the Apostolic Faith Church, made disturbing accusations, claiming numerous incidents of abuse and cult-like behavior, NewsChannel5 reported.

Last Saturday, six weeks after Clark made those claims, police say the 43-year-old woman was beaten to death with a gun inside her apartment.

Police say that five of her 13 children were also inside the apartment. Police arrested her estranged husband, Ralph Clark (pictured below), and charged him with aggravated murder.

Days before her murder, the courts gave Carolyn Clark temporary custody of her under-age children, with the affidavit possibly playing a role in that decision.

In the document, Carolyn Clark said church members beat her with a belt, abused children, and engaged in sexual abuse.

She also claimed that the church engaged in cult behavior, mind control and physical and sexual abuse.

Clark alleged that she was forced to sleep with a church leader twice.

She said that her husband is under the control of the church, and that she feared for her young children.

Earlier this week, church officials denied all of the allegations, telling NewsChannel5 that their doors are always open.