Christian rapist charged with violating another little girl

Toyko, Japan - Christian cult guru Tamotsu Kin has been charged with the multiple rape of another pre-pubescent girl, police said.

Kin, 61, charged with the rape of a 12-year-old member of his church flock, was on Tuesday slapped with two counts of raping another girl the same age.

Kin denies the allegations.

Police said that Kin raped a 12-year-old girl in about March 2003 while fully aware that she was younger than the legal age of consent of 13. Police added that he raped the same girl in the early hours of July 21, 2004. She had turned 14 by that time.

Police said Kin brainwashed the girl into bearing his sex attack by telling her that she would go to Hell if she resisted.

Also Tuesday, the Kyoto District Public Prosecutors Office charged Kin, who has also used the surname Nagata, with rape. Kin was arrested on April 6.

Prosecutors released without laying charges a 37-year-old female lay member of Kin's church who had been arrested for assault.