'Satanic orgies' desecrated graveyard

Brisbane, Australia - A CATHOLIC priest will conduct a special graveyard prayer session to ward off evil after vandals smashed 73 grave sites at Balmoral Cemetery in Brisbane last Friday.

Sometime late on April 1, graves were smashed, headstones were kicked over, and two war graves were wrecked irretrievably in a late-night orgy of destruction.

Friends of Balmoral Cemetery president Kelvin Johnston branded the vandalism as the worst seen at the cemetery since the mid-1990s when in one night 200 graves were destroyed.

This latest evil act occurred just six days after The Courier-Mail reported claims of satanic activity at the cemetery.

"We've noticed black candles outside the gateways, gravel witches' circles inside the cemetery, fish with stakes in them, gutted black cats with medical gloves nearby, and anatomically rearranged bones inside a cat carcass," Mr Johnston said at the time.

"And it's obvious that orgies are taking place, as the area where they go is littered with used condoms."

Catholic priest Father Harry Bliss of St Peter and Paul's parish in neighbouring Bulimba said he planned to conduct special prayers in the cemetery to bless it following the latest attack.

However he said his prayer session was not an exorcism as he did not believe satanic activity was the root cause.

Mr Johnston said the war graves were gone forever because the materials used to make them were no longer available.

The vandals had smashed a number of marble and granite gravestones into pieces.

Morningside police said young louts were suspected, rather than satanists.