Catholic college hires witch to lecture on psychology of religion

A witch has been hired to lecture on the psychology of religion at a Catholic college in London.

Vivianne Crowley will lecture for a term at the Jesuit-run Heythrop College at the University of London.

The college's principal, Fr John McDade SJ, said Dr Crowley would not be promoting witchcraft.

The wiccan high priestess was once described as "the nicest witch you could ever meet". Wicca, from the old English word for witch, is defined as the practice or cult of witchcraft, a form of paganism. It is now regarded as part of the New Age movement, says the Daily Telegraph

The appointment is reported in this week's Catholic Herald. Heythrop is a leading Roman Catholic educational institution, founded in Belgium in 1614. The Telegraph says the liberal Jesuit order has been criticised recently for "disloyalty" to Rome and its teachings.

Fr McDade said: "She is not a member of the theology faculty at Heythrop College. She has been assisting us with some teaching in two areas of psychology of religion. She does not teach any other areas of study at Heythrop."

He said Dr Crowley was until last year teaching at King's College.