EU Executive Calls for Global Ban on Human Cloning

The European Commission called for a global ban on reproductive cloning of humans Wednesday, days after a firm founded by a UFO cult claimed to have cloned two humans. "Reproductive cloning must be condemned not only for obvious ethical reasons and common values, but also because it is about an utterly irresponsible practice from the scientific point of view," Research Commissioner Philippe Busquin said.

"Experiments with animals show there is a huge amount of uncertainty and risk associated with cloning," he added.

Earlier this month the Raelian movement, which believes the human race was created by aliens, said its cloning firm Clonaid had produced two cloned babies.

But a scientist brought in by the sect to verify the success of its cloning denounced their claim as a possible "elaborate hoax" Monday.

The European Union's executive is preparing a comprehensive report on human cloning for the end of February that could lead to new legislation by year end. The practice is forbidden by the EU charter of fundamental rights.