The Watchtower: The files are getting bigger

A mask wearing man, breaking doors and forcing his way into what? Into the Spiritual Movement of Integration into the Absolute (MISA). This was the opening news over the last days of the newscasts aired by the obedient televisions in the absence of better information. In a chronic and embarrassing lack of inspiration. The same image, with fierce looking guys breaking into the basements in Bucharest's Ferentari district. Did I say Ferentari? Well, isn't it the "integration into absolute" place for all Gypsies, smugglers, drug dealers, knifers, Gypsy clan chiefs and the god fathers of Romania's underworld? And if so, why doesn't the police handle first the notorious criminals, recidivists wit human lives on their conscience? I don't know how guilty the MISA members are, but what I can see with my own eyes is that the evidence against the people there are quite "thin".

The police is striving like crazy to blame them for some decade-old accusations or petty stuff involving porn video-chats. We also find another exaggerated thing, namely that MISA, through its foreign branch, "jeopardised the national security". Hello, SRI, what are you doing there? Are you sleeping by any chance? What about Marian Oprisan and national security? Or Dana Barb? And Roxana Bichel? Or Culita Tarita? And what about the local barons? I guess their situation is excellent. For it is the very national security that's protecting them.

And all this time Gabriel Bivolaru, who has come under world wide search, faced no obstacles in crossing the border, although a final sentence was issued for him, while Gregorian, the "guru" of absolute orgasms in Ferentari, who has yet to be charged with something, has been already banned from leaving Romania. Failing to realise the ridiculousness of their imprudence, precisely now, during the Easter Lent, the "priests" of the police&rulers are ready to make "Christ"-Bivolaru a legend of "urine drinkers" - and not only. The MISA members can only gain sympathy from the public due to the trials and tribulations they have to undergo now. Do the MISA members have any guns? Have they ever used them? Then, where does such impetuousness in committing abuses come from?

Even though we are not on MISA's side, we just cannot help ourselves from noticing the "anatomy" of a fabricated case. The MISA case. The arrests, in such a case, must be pending. And surface only when they should. The MISA issue is officially 15-year-old in Romania. But nothing happened until now. Why? Due to the lack of evidence. But what case handled by the police needs fourteen years of investigations? It is obvious that the case was pre-existent, and now, two months before the elections, it has gone off. "Petromidia" has been long kept in a drawer until it got "pumped up". Even if the finalising of the acquisition took place four years ago, the National Anticorruption Prosecutor's Office (PNA), instead of asking questions about the villas of the ruling party's barons, is now jumping down a Liberal's throat at this particular time, when Stolojan is also facing a trial. What case comes next?