Romanian Sect Accused Of Internet Pornography

The general headquarters of the Movement for Spiritual Integration into Absolute (MISA), led by the "master" of yoga discipline mixed with sexual practices and urine drinking therapy, Gregorian Bivolaru, was taken by storm yesterday by scores of policemen and prosecutors, Adevarul announces. Due to some complaints made by the families of several MISA disciples, 15 apartment houses from the Ferentari district in Bucharest and other suburban areas were visited by the law forces.

According to the data of the Bucharest Appeal Court prosecutors, prostitution and drug traffic activities were said to be going on at the respective places. The prosecutors, policeman and gendarmes have searched the envisaged apartments and established in the first stage that they were used for pornographic videochat. About 70 to 80 persons found in the apartments were arrested by the Police for hearings.

Founded in 1990 by Gregorian Bivolaru, MISA has attracted thousands of followers from the entire country by now. Most of the "disciples" are young, recruited from those with adaptation problems, under the promise of being helped "to get to know themselves." The result of this "help" is most often escapism, abandon of school and of the family.