Muslims Vow to Oppose Domestic Relations Bill

SHEIK Muzaata Bate, the leader of Imams in Uganda, has warned that Muslims will not back the Domestic Relations Bill now in Parliament, saying it violates the Koran, writes Esther Mukyala.

He said while the bill wants men to have one wife, the Koran allows Muslim men to have four wives so long as the husband had the capacity to look after them well.

Muzaata was speaking in Kamuli town council at celebrations to welcome Hajji Badru Watongola from pilgrimage in Mecca.

He threatened that the Muslim sect would go on a Jihad (holy war) if Parliament passes the bill.

Muzaata also criticised President Yoweri Museveni's alleged marginalisation of Muslims, when he transferred Hajji Kirunda Kivejinja from a ministerial post to that of deputy political commissar.

"Such an act is a clear indicator that the Muslims do not have a share in the national cake," he said.