Tabliqs Reject New Family Law

Muslims have vowed to disregard a new family law, despite its backers making a crucial amendment to its proposals.

Although proponents of the Domestic Relations Bill now say a man can marry more than one wife if he has the money to look after them, it is not enough to woo back the Muslim community, the head of the Tabliq sect, Sheikh Suleiman Kakeeto said yesterday.

"That law is not going to work; let them table it but we shall just ignore it," he told The Monitor by phone.

"We have got our own commandments upon which we operate as Muslims and nobody can change that".

Kakeeto accused the MPs backing the bill of ignorance about Muslim law and traditions.

"We are particularly infringed and furious by the clause which seeks to deter men from getting property from the widow and the one which bars marrying more wives," the firebrand cleric said.

"That's just a joke; we shall not respect the outcome of that law".