Nepal child dies after ritual circumcision

A 5-year-old boy has died in Nepal, and his 7-year-old brother is in serious condition, after both were circumcised as part of a religious tradition.

Muyoddin Khan died from loss of blood Thursday after undergoing a ritual circumcision in the town of Indrapur, the Nepali Web site Kantipur Online reported Friday.

His brother Santalat was hospitalized due to excess bleeding after the operation was performed. Doctors said he was in serious condition.

"We carried out circumcision on the boys as part of our religion, but the bleeding did not stop," said Rahamadtulla, the boys' father. His eldest son died under similar circumstances five years ago, and the father said his 7-month-old son will also have to undergo the procedure.

"I can't go against our religion, although I've lost two of my sons," the report quoted Rahamadtulla as saying.