Branch Davidian youth don't blame their folks

Children raised in the Branch Davidian compound under cult leader David Koresh don't consider their parents crazy.

Seven young adults who lived in the Waco, Tex., compound - and fled the fire that killed 75 members of Koresh's clan 10 years ago - reunite to talk with ABC News' Charles Gibson for an hour on tonight's "Primetime Thursday" (10 o'clock).

"They don't want to say that Koresh was nuts, or that their parents were nuts for living there, because that would be a terrible rejection of their parents," Gibson said. "Instead, they say their parents messed up."

Gibson also talks with Byron Sage, a former FBI negotiator who tried to convince Koresh to release his followers before the 1993 fire.

"One of the things I find most interesting about these kids is that they've all had to deal with the ultimate rejection by their parents, who chose Koresh and death over them," added Gibson. "They're all guarded emotionally."