Branch Davidian site recalls painful chapter for visitors

Weeds and grass have grown up around a concrete slab, the stone base of a wall, charred wooden planks and chunks of twisted metal.

These are remnants of the Branch Davidian compound that burned to the ground April 19, 1993, killing nearly 80 members of a religious group and ending a 51 day stand-off that followed a failed raid by federal agents.

Each year, hundreds of people visit this site in a pasture 10 miles east of Waco.

Some make pilgrimages and are drawn by anger over by what they say was an aggressive law enforcement raid on a harmless group who had a right to own weapons.

Curiosity draws others who want to stand on the site of an event they watched unfold on television.

Clive Doyle, 62, survived the siege and now lives in a trailer at the site.

He said people go to the site every day, and that the public's interest has waned only a bit through the years.