Priest denies charges, on bail

A PRIEST with the Hare Krishna temple denied another four charges of receiving stolen property yesterday and was released on bail.

Navin Kant, 35, of Tavewa Avenue in Lautoka, denied being in possession of four laptops worth $20,000, which were stolen between June and October.

He appeared in court last month facing one charge related to being in possession of a laptop belonging to Justice John Connors.

Divisional Prosecuting Officer Sur Sen said the stolen computers were found in Kant's flat beside the temple. Magistrate Mohammed Shafiullah Khan adjourned the case to January 28.

Police raided the flat in which five devotees lived last month and confiscated five laptops, three digital cameras, two wristwatches and a video camera. Justice Connors, whose house was broken into earlier in last month, retrieved his laptop from the loot.

Police are continuing investigations to identify the owners of other stolen items before laying further charges and questioning other devotees.