Heed Mufti's advice: Mohd Maidin to parents of tudung-wearing girls

Parents of the girls embroiled in the tudung issue should heed the Mufti's advice and send their kids back to school, says Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Home Affairs Mohd Maidin Packer Mohd.

On Tuesday, Mufti Syed Isa Semait and the Islamic Religious Council (MUIS) ruled that while donning the tudung and getting an education are both religious requirements, education should be given priority when a choice has to be made.

The Mufti is the highest Islamic authority in Singapore.

Mohd Maidin Packer Mohd said: "Now that MUIS and Mufti have come up with a very clear position and guidelines and even instruction in this matter, I hope all the parents will heed the advice, will accept, and let's move on, let's go to school.

"This issue should not deprive the students from going to school. It is wrong, it is bad for the child, it is wrong from the position of our religion, and I think, they should start schooling as soon as possible."