Vietnam, Laos share worries on terrorism, religion

HANOI - Communist leaders of Vietnam and Laos have expressed shared concerns over terrorism, religious and nationalistic extremism and the negative impact of globalisation, Vietnam's official media reported on Tuesday.

The Communist Party newspaper Nhan Dan (People) said Communist Party chief Nong Duc Manh and Laotian counterpart Khamtay Siphandone vowed in a meeting in Vientiane on Monday to improve bilateral ties and relations with neighbours.

"The two sides expressed concerns over complicated developments in the international and regional situation," Nhan Dan said.

It said these included "terrorism, extreme nationalism, religious extremism, threats of a new arms race, indications of unequality in the world's economic relations and the negative impact of globalisation on developing countries."

Manh was in Laos for an official visit -- his first trip outside Vietnam since being appointed Communist Party chief in April.

Vietnam and Laos, among the world's few remaining communist states, have been strong allies since fighting side-by-side in the Indochina War.

Both have faced increased opposition from anti-communist exiles and dissident religious groups in recent years.

Nhan Dan said Manh had invited the Laotion president to visit Hanoi and Khamtay had accepted.

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