Kanungu Cult Report Released

THE infamous cult in which over 500 followers died in a fire in Kanungu in March 2000 was led by Credonia Mwerinde and not Joseph Kibwetere as most people thought, a report by the Uganda Human Rights Commission has said.

The report launched yesterday by the commission’s chairperson, Margaret Ssekajja, at Hotel Africana, said children kidnapped from Kampala were found in camps of the outlawed cult, the Movement for the Restoration of the Ten Commandments of God.

Commissioner Constantine Karusoke, who led investigations into the cult activities said Kibwetere was recruited into the cult by Mwerinde and used as a ‘flag’ because of his wealth and high profile in society.

“The head of the cult was not Kibwetere as most of us were made to believe,” Karusoke said.
“It was a woman called Credonia Mwerinde who led the cult. She was the one who recruited Kibwetere and other cult leaders and even had control over them,” he said.

Karusoke said some Government officials were negligent on the cult’s activities.

“Some far sighted leaders like former Rukungiri Resident District Commissioner (RDC), Yorokamu Kamacerere had advised against the registration of the cult and even warned his successor in his handover report but his successor never heeded the advice,” Karusoke said.

The 84-page report recommends that the then RDC, Kitaka Gawera be investigated to establish the circumstances that led to his fraternising with the cult leaders. It also recommends that security organs be adequately facilitated to prevent such occurrences in future.