Homosexuals Attack Buenos Aires Cathedral

The Archdiocese of Buenos Aires lamented an attack on the metropolitan cathedral during a demonstration by transvestites, transsexuals and homosexuals in Plaza de Mayo.

In the "March for Gay-Lesbian-Homosexual Pride" last Saturday, called to insist on "respect for their rights and sexual choice," the participants verbally attacked the priests at the cathedral, and painted obscene slogans on the colonnade and front of the building.

The protesters, ostensibly gathered in the name of human rights, caught the police off guard.

"In a pluralist society, when minority groups express themselves, it would be logical if they did so respecting the religious sentiment of the majority," the archdiocese said in a statement Monday, following the march organized by the groups CHA and ATTA.

The statement added: "If most of the inhabitants of this land are Catholic, the insulting slogans painted on the exterior of the cathedral are an attack against the religious sensibility of the Argentine people."