Gays will remain evil, sinful: Church

The culture and tradition of most Pacific Islands and its religion finds homosexuals and lesbians evil and sinful.

And it would remain this way, says media officer, Reverend Iliesa Naivalu, of the Methodist Church of Fiji.

Rev Naivalu said though the church did not approve of gays, in some countries especially developed countries, the issue on human rights was very strong.

"But the church thought that it's very important that we stick to our biblical beliefs on these issues based in the Holy Scriptures," Rev Naivalu said.

"We as the church love these people, but as for the practice, we are against it," he said.

Meanwhile, Rev Naivalu said the church was also against abortion.

"Most countries in the Pacific still make a common stand including the Methodist stand that we don't approve abortion.

He said human rights talked about the rights of women to decide on whether or not they wanted the baby or to abort.

"The question is when does a human being become a human? Who has given us the right to decide the life and death of another human being?"

However, Rev Naivalu said that while churches were against abortion, they are also calling churches, families, societies, schools and the vanua to take proactive action.

Everyone should be informed and highlighted on these issues, especially youths "so they know what choice to make when it comes to that situation".

"Choice will be very important if they are well informed," he said.