Maradona fans set up church to worship their idol

Maradona fans who set up their own church to worship their idol have celebrated their "Christmas" - on his birthday.

About 100 members of the "first Maradonian church" marked the footballer's 42nd birthday with a service.

The Hand of God church was established in the Argentinian town of Rosario by founders Hernán Amez, Hector Campomar and Alejandro Verón.

The trio told sports newspaper Diario Ole that they have been celebrating Christmas on October 30 since 1999.

"We believe he is football's god. So, for us, this is the 42AD," they said, explaining that 'AD' stands for After Diego.

The followers call themselves Diegorian Brothers and have chosen his book, I Am Diego, as their bible.

On his birthday, they celebrated by reading their own version of the Ten Commandments which include: "You will be only a fan of Maradona not any football club in particular."

In the ceremony, they also unveiled a Maradona Christmas tree. It was a normal tree but decorated with images of the footballer.