'Miracle Babies': Deya's Bizarre Letter to Kibaki

Embattled Archbishop Gilbert Deya yesterday wrote a strong-worded bizarre letter to President Kibaki in which he accused him of child abuse and neglect.

In a five-page letter written in remarkably bad English and made available to the East African Standard in London, Deya claimed that his wife was being held in a filthy room and that the police had attempted to rape her. "These are all satanic regimes corroborated with hell, connected with the BBC radio and some evil politician in the government. Oh wicked generation!

"The hand of the wrath of God of Israel is upon you. You are so merciless to the infant mothers. You have snatched them on the street of Nairobi, you have brought a curse upon the nation." warned Deya

Apparently infuriated by the arrest of his wife, the archbishop who is being investigated for child trafficking in the UK termed the Kenya police wicked and demonic and accused them of humiliating his wife.

"It is so shameful, I saw my wife and children being humiliated, tortured on the on-line newspaper (sic). The woman who use(d) to pray for Kenyans, highly respected, honoured by fellow Kenyans, is being tortured and humiliated. The wicked police are intending to rape her."

"My wife who is locked at Kileleshwa Police Station is in a very, very bad state. She is in a very filthy room, dirty and stinking. In the night one policeman attempted to rape her," claimed Deya in his letter to the president.

Deya said that because the government had failed to protect Mary Deya "a woman of God" the curse of God would befall the country.

The letter full of invective and cant accused the government of "throwing away the glory that God had planned" for the country. "Your wicked, demonic police, who might have been trained by the devil from hell are attempting to rape the holy Woman of God. Your unfaithful government have taken their evil hand, laid it upon my family and disgraced me and my children, Oh Kenya! You are doomed, you are cursed," warned Deya.

Deya claimed that he was a man of God through whom God worked and through whom Jesus Christ was proven as the saviour of mankind but that the country had rejected him.

"God brought his servant from you and gave you the light of the world, his son Jesus Christ, who died 2,000 years ago and has proved himself in his son, Gilbert Deya, but you have thrown your blessings away."

The archbishop who is at the center of child trafficking allegations charged that Satan had confused Kenya.

"Kenya, Kenya, Kenya. Why has Satan confused you? You throw away in the bin the glory which God had planned for your nation?".

He also claimed that his children had been degraded and forced into a lifestyle that is alien to them.

"My children are in unhealthy childcare. I am suspecting the type of food they are eating now, the type of water they are drinking and whether their lives are the style I have raised them. Be aware that my children are living a life higher than the care they have been taken to. They eat special food. They are used to their driver, Mr Ototo. They are used to their nannies, their toys and all this they are missing which might affect their future growth," he added.

He claimed that most of the children taken are his and that they can be identified by his daughter.

"Among the children taken, including the miracle babies, infant of Mrs Nyieko, Daniel and Joshua of Edith Ezedom, the rest of all those children are mine and they can be identified by my daughter Deborah and Peter Orwa the former Chairman of Africa Boxing Association.

"No stolen children were found in my house. It is a respected house, a holy house."

Deya said Mrs Odera, the woman who claims to have given birth miraculously, is seriously sick and possibly in labour. He asked that the police get his wife and a medical doctor to help Mrs Odera now before they "kill her".

Deya claimed that former President Daniel arap Moi knew him very well for many years and that they had shared meals with him. "Your Excellency, remember that the former President of the Republic of Kenya, Daniel arap Moi, has known me for several years. I sat together with him and had meals with him in the State House you are sitting in now. We met together with the pastors in Kenya in the State House and discussed the problems that were facing Kenya when they were about to become a democracy."

He claimed that he was instrumental in reconciling Jaramogi Oginga Odinga and the former President. This, he said, happened in Agip House when he went to talk to Oginga Odinga.