Kanungu to Vet Churches

Uganda - Kanungu district has tightened regulations on the formation of new churches.

The chief administrative officer, Alias Byamungu, said the restrictions would prevent groups that could lead to the repeat of the 1999 tragedy where over 1,000 people were killed by a cult leader.

Joseph Kibwetere of the Church for the Restoration of the Ten Commandments locked up his followers in his church buildings and set it on fire.

Most of them were burnt at Kanungu as they prayed and waited for the return of Jesus Christ to whisk them off to heaven, while others were killed in Kampala and other places.

"We are trying to check on churches by vetting registration of the many churches that are springing up to avoid the Kibwetere kind of activities," Byamungu said.

Recently, the Police closed one church, saying it had traits of a cult.