Liberian Churches On Ritualistic Killings

The Liberian Council of Churches says it is dismayed over the wave of alleged ritualistic killings in the Country.

In a release, the Council said it is absolutely regrettable that after almost two decades of civil war, which has claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of Liberians, ruined the entire country, displaced and exiled its population, Liberians would again create and employ killing machines under the disguise of a ritual cult believe to benefit certain individuals and their collaborators.

The LCC views this act as ungodly, criminal and the violation of the fundamental rights of Liberians.

"This is a new form of warfare, which all peace-loving Liberians must resist, and condemn or else it has the propensity to undermine the peace process since individuals and communities should benefit from justice and protection under the law."

The religious group said these ungodly actions could resort to self-defense, self-protections and mob justice if the Government continues to remain mute and appear unconcerned about the ungodly and criminal acts.

The LCC prays for the victims and their relatives and called on the power-sharing government to immediately intervene by drastically and legally dealing with the perpetrators of ritualistic killings in the country.

It also called on Prayer Houses and worship centers to pray for the country, victims of ritualistic killings to also work with their members and local communities to take protective measures in line with the rule of law.

LCC called upon Liberians and Foreign Residents to put their trust in God and not in human or animal sacrifices.

It condemned all forms of human rights violation, especially the killing of innocent persons, mainly children, for ritual purposes and called upon the NTGL, through the Ministry of Justice to be on the alert and arrest and prosecute all suspected murderers.

The LCC has also called on UNMIL to be vigilant in protection lives and properties in Liberia.