Stop Noise, KCC Orders Balokole

KAMPALA Mayor John Ssebaana Kizito yesterday ordered born-again Christians (Balokole) in the city to stop making noise during worship.

The order takes immediate effect, Ssebaana told pastors and leaders of born-again churches at City Hall, Kampala.

He said the noise could be controlled by reduction in hours of worship.

"You should have control within yourselves. It's good to praise God, play some instruments but all that should be done within the limits. We have received many complaints from the public about noise that comes from your churches," he said.

Ssebaana told the over 60 pastors and leaders of born-again churches that their noise inconveniences other people.

"There is freedom of worship in this country and we appreciate the roles you play in guiding our citizens to abide by the laws, but whatever you do should not inconvenience surroundings near your churches," he said.

The mayor also informed the leaders to re-think about the location and construction of their churches. He said KCC had the right to take action against anyone who disobeys the laws.

Pastor Joseph Sserwadda, the General Secretary of National Fellowship of born-again churches, requested the mayor to give them more time to discuss the hours of worship, noise and location of their churches with their leaders.

"I request that you give us ample time so that we go back and discuss the issue," Sserwadda said.

Ssebaana said they would meet again to discuss the problem.

Sserwadda clarified that he did not stop Balokole from participating in the ongoing census.

"I have never told anybody to boycott the census. Many people portray us as bad people. We only questioned the concerned ministry about the way they wanted to ask us about our religion," he said.

The Town Clerk, Gordon Mwesigye, said Kampala City Council does not impose any restrictions before discussing with the concerned parties.