Bartels Rescues 'Wicked' Man of God

by Dominic Jale

The hope of Rev Dr. Augustus Kwabena Annor-Yeboah, to become a Substantive Chairman of the Christ Apostolic Church (CAC)International at the just-ended Ministerial and General Executive Council meeting now hangs in the balance following an explosive meeting that saw the notorious preacher man, sink to his knees, tearfaced, and beg for forgiveness.

Annor-Yeboah who is a permanent fixture in courts where he succeeded in jailing some of his church members and attempted to jail another female member in Justice Richard Apaloo's court for contempt of court, cut a sorry sight as he prostrate in full view before the Executives of the church.

One of his charges was over the appearance fees for his television programmes, the issue of compensation for retiring clergy, the matter of wives of members banned from working while his wife continues to work as a typist at the church, and more sensationally the revelation that the church's funds, amounting to ¢500 million were blown on NDC campaign during the 2000 general elections while countless members of the church are wallowing in abject poverty.

The ¢500 million allegedly pumped into the defeated NDC campaign by Annor- Yeboah is part of the weekly collections and tithes squeezed from the members and deposited at the Accra headquarters of the church, Chronicle has learnt.

Chronicle intelligence learnt that Annor-Yeboah, the Acting Chairman had gone round all corners of the country canvassing on the question of compensation for retiring Pastors like the recently retired Church Chairman, Rev. Asare.

To his surprise, another senior member of the Church, the eloquent Acting General Secretary, Rev Michael Nimoh had convened a meeting of the General Council of the Church nationwide over the same matter and other related issues.

The General Council has more powers than the Consultative or Ministerial Council.

So when the Ministerial Council (Consultative) meeting finally took off last Friday, February 15, most of the Pastors, Deacons and Deaconesses had an inkling on what the issues were.

Chronicle gathered that when everything was set for the meeting, all the doubting Thomases among the Assembly of Pastors were shocked when it emerged that Annor-Yeboah could not account for ¢500 million the members had squeezed themselves to pay.

The issue of a variation in the fees paid for TV preaching and the exclusive face of Annor-Yeboah always preaching as if he is the only cowboy came up (Details later).

It was revealed to the bewildered members that the man recently mysteriously installed on the protocol list of the Kufuor administration in spite of his record, blew the money on NDC campaign.

It became more explosive the next day, February 16, when the Executive Council met to decide on a number of issues.

At the said meeting, when Rev Nimoh took the floor, he outlined a lot of unanswered charges against Annor-Yeboah and won the mind of the gathering.

Nimo is the brother-in- law of Annor-Yeboah.

But before they can put their words into action, help came from the most unlikely quarters - Mr. Kwamena Bartels, Minister of Private Sector Development was on the high table.

Bartels, Chronicle gathered, was approached by pro Annor-Yeboah elements in the Church who were convinced that he was going to be removed.

Bartels pulled all the political rhetorics he could muster to plead for Annor-Yeboah, an enterprise that infuriated some members of the Church who questioned his locus as a non-member.

"I think Mr. Bartels has tried to stand in the way of God who is trying to bring about change that we mortals at Chronicle tried to effect without success over the years", an angry Kofi Coomson, publisher of The Chronicle said.

"I gave up on him and decided that God would do what He wants to do in His own time, because I am convinced that a wicked man like that should continue to lead such a large church which has more than 1,500 branches!", he said referring to the barrage of stories Chronicle carried on him since 2000.

After Rev Nimoh had finished chronicling the charges the stony heart Annor-Yeboah this time round went on his knees and pleaded with the Council, the highest body in the church to forgive him of all the wrongs he had committed.

He however hints that the members should remember that he too had some following, a veiled threat that was not on some members Chronicle spoke to.

Almost in tears as he knelt down pleading, Mr. Bartels also joined him in his supplications and further pleaded with the Council to look unto God and forgive their leader.

The Minister told The Chronicle he would not speak on the issue when this reporter invaded his private residence last Sunday, February 24.

When Chronicle reached Annor- Yeboah last Friday, February 22, he lied that such a problem had occurred in his Church.

He also denied that Uncle Bartels went to his rescue last week.

'Kwamena Bartels has never pleaded on my behalf in any case let alone to intervene on my behalf as you are saying' Annor-Yeboah told this reporter.

When this reporter pressed further, he maintained that he was not even aware of what Chronicle was talking about.

Rev Nimoh, however, said "the problem" had been solved and refused to delve into the issue.

Similarly, Rev Larbi, the Evangelism Director would not speak when he questioned, ˜if you are not a member of the Church why are you interested in the Church's problems.