Church Rejects U.S. Aid

THE Church of Uganda (COU) has rejected assistance from the Diocese of Michigan to the Diocese of Kinkizi over homosexuality, the Archbishop has said.

Henry Luke Orombi said, "We stopped assistance from the Church of America as long as that church or diocese doesn't believe in the scriptures and Jesus the way we do and practise homosexuality.

Orombi said this on Friday at the closing of a five-day bishops' wives' retreat at Lweza Leadership Centre.

The diocese, in a wealthy part of America, has been paying school fees for 60 girls in secondary schools in southwestern Uganda.

He said the diocese of Michigan stopped sending the money. "The Lord will provide," he said as he handed over to the wife of the Bishop of the Diocese of Kinkizi, Jocelyn Ntegereize, about sh13m for the girls' first term.

Ntegereize said her diocese looks after about 360 girls with help from England and Nigeria.

Meanwhile, the Government has appealed to the COU to work with it (government) to bar satanic tendencies from invading the country.

"The bishop (in Michigan) participated in the consecration of a practising homosexual."