Synod Decries Spate of Killing

Annual synod of the Methodist Church of Nigeria has roundly condemned the spate of killings, and orgy of violence plaguing the nation.

This was part of the resolutions issued at the end of the 12th annual Synod of the church in Iko-Abasi recently.

The Synod reiterated that the rate of incessant strikes is not only alarming, but counter-productive. It said the unresolved cases of assassinations, kidnappings murder and politically-motivated violence was capable of destabilising the nation.

The Synod urged all Christians to pray for peace and called on the body of Christ to be involved in the fight against corruption and imbibe values that would exterminate corruption.

The Synod also called on the government and security agencies to fashion out constructive ways to curtail and arrest the national malaise.

The Synod also resolved that stakeholders adopt dialogue and embrace conciliatory measures to ensure that peace reigns in the land.