Church Bans Overnight Prayer Meetings

The Presbyterian Church of East Africa has banned overnight prayer meetings.

The moderator of the church's general assembly, Dr David Githii, said yesterday that the meetings would be restricted to special occasions.

"All disturbing noises in the name of religion should be stopped," he said.

Dr Githii said the church, which has 3.5 million followers in East Africa, should not condone overnight worship which, he noted, denied people their sleep.

He was speaking at the Magumoni church in Chuka, Meru South District, during the ordination of the Rev Marion S. Livingstone.

He also discouraged prolonged mourning, saying it was mental torture to the bereaved.

At the same time, Dr Githii urged the Government to shorten bar time to no later than 10pm. Patrons, he said, disturb neighbours at night by their noise.

He said also that some men had abandoned their families due to over-drinking.

Meanwhile, a Catholic priest has urged Kenyans to spend more time with their families.

Said Father Michael Komu said: "Some men have to be introduced to their children all the time since they are never at home during the day. All their time is spent in social places with friends, to the extent that they have no time for their families"

He was speaking during a special mass organised by the a marriage counselling group to celebrate the World Marriage Day.

The occasion that is marked on first Sunday after Valentine's Day, is a forum for couples to rediscover their love according to the Christian faith.

He called on the church members to love their partners and remain faithful to them to avoid Aids.