Church of Uganda Cuts Relations With US Diocese

The Church of Uganda has cut relations with the Diocese of New Hampshire in the United States.

The decision follows the election of a practicing homosexual, the Rev. Gene Robinson, as the bishop of New Hampshire in July.

The out-going Archbishop of the Church of Uganda, the Most Rev. Dr Mpalanyi Nkoyoyo, announced the decision yesterday at a news conference at his house in Namirembe, Kampala.

"We have cut relations with that diocese. They actually cut themselves off because they rebelled against us and the Bible teachings," Nkoyoyo said.

"The decision the Episcopal Church of United States took to appoint homosexuals as ministers in the church is regrettable and a disappointment." Nkoyoyo said that the Church of Uganda would not hesitate to sever relations with any other group or community that embraces homosexuality.

He said that homosexuality is against the spirit of the Lambeth Conference and the Bible teachings.

Anglican leaders meet every 10 years at Lambeth in England to debate the weighty issues facing the worldwide Anglican Communion. The conference is yet to embrace homosexuality.

"We shall not favour anyone on this matter, though we shall continue to preach to them so that they can see light again," he said.

The Anglican prelate said that the Church of Uganda is cutting relations with the New Hampshire diocese and not the American province.

The Lambeth Conference outlawed homosexuality, lesbianism and other alleged sex deviations.

"The church in USA is signatory but we can't tell why they went ahead and accepted such a thing to happen," he said.

Nkoyoyo said that there are 38 provinces in the world and the Church of Uganda decides with which one to deal.

He said that the church would refuse any money linked to homosexuals.

The Church of Uganda has also de-ordained the retired bishop of Central Buganda diocese, Wilson Ssenyonjo, who has openly supported gays.

"He is a rebel and we can never allow him to represent our church anywhere we have put this clear to him before," the archbishop said.

Nkoyoyo said the church will do all it can to stop Ssenyonjo from speaking on behalf of the local Anglican church.

The New Hampshire affair has threatened to break up the worldwide Anglican Communion, which boasts a membership of about 70 million.

Bishop Henry Orombi of Nebbi is the archbishop-elect of the Church of Uganda.