Non-Catholics to Be Locked Out of Schools

Only Catholics will in future be allowed in schools sponsored by the church in Kisii, a bishop said yesterday.

This was said by Bishop Joseph Mairura Okemwa, who blamed the grouping of students and teachers from diverse denominations for declining academic standards in the institutions.

Bishop Okemwa recently announced that polygamists would not be allowed to head Catholic schools in his diocese.

"There will henceforth be no more admission of non-Catholic students to our schools and only teachers who belong to our church will be given opportunities to teach there, he said, on Saturday at Nyambera playground during a special prayer meeting.

Accompanied by the vicar general, Fr Pancras Juma Mogaka, the prelate said non-believers were a bad influence to the others and were responsible for rising indiscipline in schools.

Bishop Okemwa criticised the war on corruption saying it was being carried out selectively and that key Government officials had been spared.

"It is clear that corruption cases are on the increase and unless the Government first cleans itself, it will be fighting a losing battle, he said.

He vowed to block attempts by the Government to hand over Nyamage Primary School to Egerton University.

The university's Vice-Chancellor, Prof Ezra Maritim, said last month that the Government had finally accepted a resolution by the Gusii county council to hand over the land on which the primary school stands to the university.

Local leaders have accused the church of interfering with the running of schools in the district.