Diamba Church Banned

The controversial Celestial Church of Christ, 26 Regent Road, Lumley has convened an emergency meeting in collaboration with their counterpart, celestial church following last Saturday's police raid which brought down the once respected church from grace to grass.

It could be recalled that during the said raid police discovered varieties of dangerous drugs including brown-brown, cocaine, harshis and diamba. The Police also found a stock of ladies shoes, pants, condoms, mobile phones in one of the rooms inside the church building.

Seven senior officials of the church, all Nigerians, were arrested. They included the controversial pastor Michael Savage believed to be a fake pastor, pastor Fedelis, Samuel Bashiru Ade Sima, Manju Alarya and Ola Aripisana. Inside sources intimated this press that the atmosphere in the meeting was one of shame and disgrace.

Members blamed the pastors for not containing the scandal by preventing the police and the press from pursuing the matter.

However, it was agreed that the church be shut down with until further notice. However, the Shepherd of the Church Isaiah Ezizedeh was reported to have said the incident was unfortunate adding that the real pastor in charge was out of the country, noting pastor Michael Savage was acting Pastor and in fact be was not a pastor

Meanwhile, the famous Church of Aladura has vehemently disassociate itself from the unholy and immoral activities that had been perpetrated by the Celestial church of Christ According to a senior official of the Aladura church their doctrine and principles are purely the dictate of the Holy bible and teaching of the Lord Jesus Christ.