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What is WorldWide Religious News?

World-Wide Religious News was established as a non-profit service in 2002 committed to providing the international academic and legal community ease of access to up-to-date news on religion from around the world. Throughout history, religion has proved to be a central component of society and human experience, shaping how individuals think and interact with their society and culture, both in an immediate as well as global context. WWRN’s service provides a nexus to information that highlights the unique interplay of religion and society and how this impacts the world of today.

Focus of WWRN Religious News

WWRN news articles and information are researched and compiled several times a week, encompassing a diversity of contemporary religious topics highlighted in the international news media, with particular focus on issues relating to religious freedom, church and state issues, governmental legislation as it relates to religious organizations and new religious movements (NRMs). News stories also highlight themes such as the impact of religion in issues of race, age, gender, and education; the effect of religion on social change; the influence of religion on other social institutions; change and transformation within religious movements, as well as a myriad of other topics.

How WWRN Can Help You

Subscribers to the WWRN news service have commented on how valuable the service is to their research and keeping abreast with the latest news, not to mention the time it saves in the time consuming task of combing the Web for the latest news on religion. WWRN sends 15-25 news articles several times a week, combined in one file with links to our web site, for easy access. Articles are organized by topic to facilitate research on particular subjects of interest.

How can you receive it?

WWRN currently offers 3 delivery methods.

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